Needle Arts

Quality lighting is essential to quality of life

How does Stella
benefit needle artists?


Whether doing miles of stockinette stitches or picking up complicated edge stitches, Stella gives you the light you need for the knitting you love.


Picking out colors for granny squares? Reading a pattern chart? Stella’s bright and natural light lets you see all the details you need.


DMC 445, 307, or 727? Your Stella brings out the true colors needed to finish your project beautifully.


Whether it’s matching fiber colors or shaping your project, Stella’s low heat LEDs allow you to get right up close and stay comfortable for hours.

Cross Stitch

14-, 28-, or 32-count linen? Cross stitchers create fascinating pictures with little stitches. Highlight the crisp details of every stitch with Stella.

Hand Quilting

Hand quilting is a beautiful way to finish a project. Give your work the attention it deserves. Stella will illuminate its beauty.

Reading // Low Vision

Utilize Stella in all aspects of your life. Reading and planning for your next project? Stella helps people everywhere read and perform the everyday tasks of life.

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