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eye strain

Eye strain is a common condition that occurs when your eyes get tired from intense use. Causes can include looking at digital device screens, tasks where the eyes focus such as reading without giving rest, and straining to see in dim lighting conditions.

As we age, our eyes begin to worsen, specifically when we want to see things up close. It’s a natural occurrence, and usually becomes noticeable in your mid-40’s and gradually worsens until age 65.

The reality is that eye strain and the aging eye isn’t about if, but when. And now the question becomes, how can a Stella lamp improve your quality of life?

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How Stella Can Help You Live Better

Stella lamps are specifically designed to help alleviate eye strain by offering tri-spectrum technology, letting the user choose between natural, warm, and cool light spectrums. Stella lamps also allow users to dim their lamps either 5 or 10 levels, depending on the specific Stella product. Each Stella has a flexible neck, which allows the user to shine the light exactly where they need it. The Philips lumiled LEDs that we use in each of our lamps are the brightest in the marketplace. What does all this mean for a Stella user? You have all the light and functionality you need to help you alleviate your eye strain while enjoying the tasks and hobbies that you love.

Live Better with Stella

Lighting is essential to quality of life. At Stella, we feel that all people need more light and deserve every opportunity to enjoy precision lighting instruments that contribute to everyday enjoyment.

Stella Lights are commonly used for


Games & Puzzles

General Tasks

Computer Work


Crafts and Hobbies

Visual Impairment

Read Better with Stella

Many of us love to sit and read our newspaper, favorite magazine or a good book. Often, we read during evening hours when natural light is not adequate. Our eyes strain causing negative effects. Additionally, many individuals have clinical visual impairments that limit their ability to read what they love. Recognizing these limitations, Stella has developed personalized lighting solutions that help mitigate these problems.

Stella Lighting will help you see better because of a few key features
Tri-Spectrum Technology

Tri-Spectrum Technology is our product’s unique ability to change color temperature from a warm, to a brilliant white, to a slightly cooler white at the touch of a button. Some people feel comfortable under the warm light spectrum comparable to conventional light bulbs. Other individuals like the crispness of the brilliant white, which provides the maximum light output on a surface. Often evening hobbies are performed under the cool white setting as eyestrain is reduced. In the end, Stella gives YOU, the user, control.

Dimming Controls

All Stella products have the ability to dim the light output down to 10%. This allows a softer light when reading at night, and maximum brightness in the morning while reading your paper.

Flexible Neck

The flexible neck allows the user to position the light where they need it most. Twist and move your lamp into the exact position you desire.

See Better with Stella

It’s clinically proven that people are extremely sensitive to both light intensity and color temperature.  In addition, many of us have visual impairments that prohibit us from doing the things that have provided a lifetime of enjoyment.

Stella Lighting products were designed with users needs in mind, making it the most personalized lighting solution in the marketplace today.

The Stella family of products are offered in a portable model (Stella>>GO), a tabletop model (Stella>>TWO), a floor model, (Stella SKY >>Two) and the Stella EDGE clamp, designed to take up minimal space and travel well.  

We are so confident that you will see better under a Stella light, we provide a 100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION GUARANTEE for every product we sell. 

You can have the confidence that when you invest in a Stella are you investing in your overall quality of life.

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