Sewing & Quilting

Quality lighting is essential to quality of life

How Can Stella Help?

In Your Work


Many of us only have nights and evenings available for our creative moments but so often we hear, “I can no longer see well in the evening.” The brightness of Stella lights and their ability to adjust the “color” of the light will allow you to go back to those evening hours in your studio. Finally, you can see detail!


Handwork is a timeless art form that requires the most delicate hand stitching. Work in your favorite chair under a Stella Sky Two floor lamp and see the details of your project long after the sun goes down.


Having trouble getting enough light on your ironing board? Clamping a Stella Edge to your board will give you the visibility you need.

In Your Studio

Evaluating Fabric / Color Matching

When evaluating fabric and color matching, use the pure white setting on the Stella to see true colors. It’ s just like being outside under the sun. You have brilliant light and finite detail; all in the comfort of your creative space.

Working at Your Machine

There is nowhere light is more critical. Don’t leave your machine in the dark.

Cutting Table

See the fabric you cut, clearer than ever!

In Your Life

Seeing Better

Lighting is not only important, it is essential to quality of life.

Reading a Book or Your Favorite Magazine

There’s no smoke and mirrors. Quality of light equals a better reading experience. Stella gives you, the user, control over color, intensity, and location.

Accent Lighting

Unlike conventional lights, your Stella can be left on day and night. With no bulb to replace, minimal heat, and only 10 watts of power; Stella is a great companion.

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