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General Stella Questions

Stella products have numerous advantages over other task lighting products:

  • Stella Products use LED technology which means they last longer, provide more direct light, and use less power than any conventional lighting products on the market
  • Stella lamps are built with high end parts, including injected silicone, injected molded plastic and segmented steel, assuring your Stella will last for years to come.
  • LED also means no bulbs to change, 50,000+ hours of LED light, and virtually no heat
  • Stella Lighting employs 5 and 10 step dimming and Tri-Spectrum Technology which allows you to customize the light to your needs
  • Stella lamps utilize a segmented steel flexible neck, allowing you to shine light just where you need it
  • Stella Lighting customer service is provided by in house employees with intimate knowledge of the product and business and access to assistance from anyone in the company.
  • Stella Lighting stands behind all of its products with excellent technical support, two year warranty, and a repair and replacement program that insures your investment in the product is guaranteed.
  • Stella lamps are sleek in design and a joy to use. It’s not just a light, it’s a Stella.

Color temperature selection, along with the dimming function is how your Stella product helps you customize your light to be perfect for you and how you use it. What settings are best for what applications varies from person to person. However, there are some common uses that we hear from many of our customers:

Warm White: This is the setting most used for comfort and ambiance. It more closely matches the traditional color temperature of incandescent bulbs so many people are more comfortable with it and have the other lights in their homes at that color temperature.

Natural White: This is the setting that most closely matches sunlight and is best for maximum visibility and detailed work. It is also the setting that best allows for seeing true colors and is useful when color matching or comparing are important for your project.

Cool white: This setting most closely matches moonlight. Many users find it easier on their eyes when working on their project later into the night.

Stella Products can be purchased directly from Stella Lighting on this web page or from numerous independent shops selling online and in brick and mortar stores all over the United States, and in limited locations in Europe.

Stella products for resale can be purchased directly from Stella Lighting by calling toll free at 855-282-3222. Stella products are also available from most distributors in the Fiber Arts industries. Call your favorite distributor to find out if they carry our products or give us a call directly.

To charge your Stella>>GO, push the master power button on the back near the neck of the lamp. Make sure the button is pushed out, and is flush to the back of the lamp. The button will illuminate if done correctly. If the button is pushed in means the lamp is off, and will not charge.

Your Stella>>GO will have a small charge on its battery upon arrival. To ensure proper functionality, make sure to charge your Stella>>GO overnight or for 8+ hours until the green directional arrows are fully illuminated and no longer flashing.

We offer $20 flat rate shipping per item to the contiguous United States. Orders of $400 or more ship free to the lower 48. If orders are placed by 2pm PST Monday through Friday, they will ship the next day via FedEx ground. Orders placed over the weekend will ship Monday.

Shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, Armed Force bases, and Canada is $75 flat rate per item.

Product Operation

The “sun” button turns the lamp on and off, the up and down arrows change the dimming level, and the “M” button selects the color temperature mode (warm white, natural white or cool white).

That flash is a good thing, and is a part of the normal lamp operation. It tells us that the LED’s are functioning and the lamp has power.

Here is a short video on replacing your remote battery. Below the video are written instruction which should clarify any questions you might have.

1) At the bottom tip of the remote, there should be a little indention in the plastic that you can fit your fingernail into to remove the battery tray. Pull on that and a C shaped battery tray will come out.*Be careful as the battery MIGHT fall out as you remove the tray*. Go on to step 2 below.

2) Get a replacement battery. The battery model is CR2025 and they are a common coin battery found at most drug stores or electronics stores. Go on to step 3 below.

3) Once you have the new battery in your hands on one side you will see the battery model number CR2025 with the + (positive) symbol. Put the battery back in the tray you pulled out with the battery model number and + (positive) sign facing UP TOWARDS THE BOTTONS on the remote, slide the tray back in making sure that the tray is flush with the remote. If the tray looks like it’s not fitting properly or not becoming flush with the remote try flipping it upside down while making sure the + (positive) side of the battery is still facing towards the buttons on the remote. Go on to Step 4.

4) Try using the remote to turn on the light.   If all steps are followed correctly and it still won’t turn on, go on to step 5.

5) For more help or questions about possible remote replacements please call us toll free at 855-282-3222


The Stella>>SKY TWO and the Stella>>EDGE both require a round 2025 battery.

The remote has magnets and is shaped such that it sticks to a specific cylinder-section of your Stella light. For the Sky (floor model) this section is the inner telescoping pole (the part that moves move up and down). For the Edge (clamp model) it’s the back spine, right above power connector.


Most likely the battery in the remote needs to be replaced. See the previous section for specific instructions on how to replace the battery.

If your Sky or Edge light flashes but you can’t turn it on, then most likely it’s a remote issue or the remote battery (battery type CR2025). See the previous section for specific instructions on how to replace the battery.

This is normal and generally not an issue. A small amount of the metal of the plug will often be visible after the lamp is plugged in. This is perfectly safe and does not interfere with the lamp’s function. If, however, your plug is actually loose enough that it is not secure in the connector, please call us a toll free at 855-282-3222 for warranty or repair service.

This has been reported in rare instances where the lamp has been impacted by a fall, a kick, or mishandling during shipping. Do not attempt to repair this yourself or operate the lamp in this condition. Please call us a toll free at 855-282-3222 for warranty or repair service.

If the lamp is upright and the neck is positioned within normal operating range, the position should hold steady. If this is not the case, please call us a toll free at 855-282-3222 for warranty or repair service.

Please call us a toll free at 855-282-3222 for warranty or repair service.

While highly unusual, sometimes the electronics in the light will experience a failure. Please call us a toll free at 855-282-3222 for warranty or repair service.

First, make sure you are assembling the lamp on a hard flat surface. The Sky Two uses a push-and-turn method to insert the pole into the base. The easiest way to do this is by using firm, fluid movements. Make sure you are pressing hard enough to go down all the way. Sometimes it may feel like you’ve hit the bottom, but if it doesn’t turn then you probably need to go down a bit further. Using a foot or knee to help steady the base can sometimes help as well.

If the light does not flash on and off when plugging it in there is no power to the LED’s. You can test this by unplugging the power supply from the base and plugging in back in a couple of times while watching the head of the lamp. If there is no flash there is no power. The most likely cause is that the power connector inside the pole was not plugged in to the power connector on the base or was not fully secured. Remove the pole from the base and connect the power.

If the extending pole is extended up before the plug is connected to the base this can happen. Lower the extending pole all the way down and it should put the plug back in your reach. If it is still just out of reach, use tweezers or pliers to gently grasp the connector and pull it the rest of the way out.

The head of the Stella Edge/Sky will get a little bit warmer that the Stella because of the control locations in the lamp. This does not mean there is a problem with the product. The Stella Edge/Sky will still remain much cooler than conventional light sources like fluorescent or incandescent. Unless you are experiencing an actually function problem, your Stella Edge/Sky is working fine.

We ask that you ship the light back in its original box along with all original parts. Lamps returned not including all original parts will be subject to a 25% restocking fee, deducted from the refund amount. We track the lights by their serial numbers, which are located on the bottom of the boxes. If you no longer have the retail box, please package the light in an appropriately sized box and include all accessories, such as power supply, remote, and warranty card and ensure that there is adequate packing material to protect the lamp.

If you are unsatisfied with your Stella purchase and would like a full refund, you have up to 30 days from the date of delivery to return your item(s). To ensure a successful return, please make sure that your piece is in as-new condition, and that you have the original packaging on hand. To start your return, please email info@stellalighting.com with your full name, mailing address, and order number or call us at 855.282.3222. We will process your return request as soon as possible.

Please note: All returns must be made with the original Stella packaging, including all accessories. If you do not have the original packaging on hand, there is an additional 25% per item repackaging fee. 

Once the item is back at our warehouse it will be inspected by our team. Provided it is in as-new condition, we will issue a refund less any applicable fees noted above. Buyer is responsible for shipment of the product to the Stella Lighting warehouse for and will need to provide proof of delivery if requested.


The StellaIQ is a groundbreaking product, the first of its kind, utilizing red, green and blue LEDs to create a lamp that offers most of the colors visible to the human eye. It pairs with a dynamic and innovative smart device application that allows users to select presets that have been optimized for multiple eye diseases and NoIR filters, as well as customization tools that allow the lamp to be calibrated to each specific individual now and as their eyes age.

The Stella IQ application is available for download on the Apple App store and the Google Play store. Users can download the application and then pair it to their Stella IQ to begin using the lamp.

No. Users must download the application in order to utilize the Stella IQ.

The MSRP for the Stella IQ is $999.

No. The application is free for download at the Apple App store and the Google Play store.

The Stella IQ has an industry leading 5 year warranty.

The Stella IQ uses top-of-the-line Philips Lumiled LEDs.

The boards are produced and programmed at Spirit Electronics in Phoenix, AZ. 

The Stella IQ is hand assembled at our warehouse in Springfield, OR.

If you need support for your Stella IQ, please view our support videos at: https://stellalighting.com/support/video-support/

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