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Rewiring lamps is an amazingly straightforward process that can save a beloved fixture and add personalization to your space while being environmentally friendly as a sustainable method for keeping beautiful lamps out of landfills. But how to rewire a lamp?

Let’s first address one common concern about old lamps being rewired:

Should Old Lamps be Rewired? 

Here are some indicators your lamp could need rewiring:

If any of these indicators appear, it would be beneficial to rewire your lamp immediately. Contact Stella Lighting for more information!

How Much Does Rewiring a Lamp Cost?

Rewiring is relatively cost-effective. Your primary expense will likely be purchasing the rewiring kit which typically ranges between $10-20; new bulbs or sockets might also need to be factored in depending on their state.

Rewiring lamps is an economical alternative to purchasing brand new lamps; plus you get the satisfaction of giving an old lamp new life! 

9 Steps to Rewire a Lamp 

Now that you’ve decided on this path of saving, here are 9 steps on rewiring lamps:

As always, safety first! 

Before beginning work on any lamp rewiring project, always unplug and cool the device fully before unplugging it from the power source.

Materials Required For Rewiring Your Lamp


Are you struggling to wire a lamp correctly and in need of extra guidance? Visual learners might benefit from watching an instructional video tutorial online to rewire one. Simply search online for “rewiring a lamp” to locate this clear visual guide.

Are You Searching for the Ideal Lamp to Rewire?

Look No Further than Stella Lighting! With an expansive collection of desk lamps, STELLA 2, and lighting fixtures ranging from classic to modern styles, as well as replacement sockets and cords that ensure a hassle-free rewiring process, come visit Stella Lighting now and shop lamps that illuminate your space! 

By following these simple steps, you can give new life to an old lamp while basking in its cozy glow for years to come. Happy rewiring!

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