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How do you use a UK lamp in the US?

How do you use a UK lamp in the US

Are you in love with your lamp from the UK but worried it won’t fit with your US home? Don’t Worry! A few simple adjustments can easily integrate a UK lamp into any US space while adding some British charm! Stella Lighting can assist with finding you just the perfect lamp to illuminate the environment and will answer your question: How do you use a UK lamp in the US?

Plug and Power Differences

One major distinction between UK and US lamps lies in their respective plug types – with UK uses BS 1363 plugs with three rectangular prongs while American lamps utilize NEMA 1-15 two flat pronged plugs; thus requiring the use of travel adapters to convert UK plugs to meet American standard sockets.

TIP: For added flexibility when travelling internationally with electronics from different regions, invest in a multi-region travel adapter. Not only can it accommodate your UK lamp but it will be invaluable on future journeys when dealing with devices from multiple nations.

Voltage Compatibility: Powering Up Safely

A key consideration when powering up is voltage compatibility. In the UK, they work on 230-volt systems while the US uses only 110-volt systems; plugging UK lamps directly into US outlets with higher voltage can damage or threaten safety if used directly from one country to the other.

Voltage converters are essential in ensuring the safe and effective operation of UK lamps sold in the US market, adapting their voltage from 230V down to 110V so they are compatible with the US electricity grid.

Finding a Lamp That Suits US Homes 

While electrical compatibility should always come first when selecting UK lamps to add into a US space, additional considerations need to be considered when adding one from abroad:

  • Lamp Base Size: It is important to verify the bulb base size of a UK lamp before purchasing bulbs or an adapter if necessary. In the US, E26 medium screw bases are most often found, while UK lamps tend to use both. Check to make sure all compatible bulbs or an adapter will fit securely within their base.
  • Lighting Preferences: UK lamps often emit warmer and more diffused lighting compared to their US counterparts which tend to prioritize brightness. Take your desired ambience into consideration when purchasing one from this country.

Find Your Perfect Lighting Solution with Stella Lighting’s Wide Range of Lamps

Now that you understand lighting fundamentals, it’s time to find your ideal lamp. At Stella Lighting, our wide array of styles ranging from timeless floor lamps with remotes and contemporary Stella lamps to eye-catching chandeliers – there is sure to be something perfect for every taste and budget! 

Don’t allow geographical differences to overshadow your appreciation of a captivating UK lamp; with just some careful planning, incorporating one into your US home should be easily achievable.

At Stella Lighting, our goal is to assist in finding you the optimal lighting solutions. Visit our website now to start lighting up your world!

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