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Lampshades do more than cover light bulbs; they play an integral part in setting the ambience in any given space. But What colour lamp shade to choose? Selecting one with an appropriate hue can enhance decor and unify appearance; choosing otherwise can completely disarrange them all. Stella Lighting recognises the significance of lighting, including lampshades. We understand it can be overwhelming to choose one to complement your space or lighting needs; so here is a useful blog post on selecting one which works. 

Consider Your Room’s Purpose Initially

The first step when selecting lamps is considering their purpose in each room where they will reside. Here are a few pointers: 

Complement Your Color Scheme

Think carefully about how existing colours in the room affect you when choosing lamp shade colours for matching or complementary looks in any given space. 

Stella Lighting Offers Shades for Every Style

At Stella Lighting, we offer a diverse selection of lamp shades in various colours, fabrics, and sizes to match your taste and existing decor.

Don’t Forget Your Lamp Base – Additional Tips

Keep this in mind too; here are a few general guidelines:

Final Thoughts

At Stella Lighting, our selection of lamp shades spans an expansive spectrum in terms of colours, materials and sizes to meet every lighting need. No matter if it is a floor lamp or bedside table lamp you need, you are certain to find exactly the shade to light your space beautifully! We guarantee it!

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