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Stella»SKY Two-Remote Control Clip

Remote control clip for use with the Stella»SKY Two LED floor lamp.  Easily clips to the large main pole, contoured to safely hold the remote control for more semi-permanent/secondary control of the power on/off, mode and dimming functions. Offered in black and white color options.

****This accessory is included with the purchase of a new Stella»SKY Two LED Floor Lamp.


Low Wattage

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Minimal Heat

No Bulb

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The world’s most loved personal lighting solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Stella products have numerous advantages over other task lighting products:

  • Stella Products use LED technology which means they last longer, provide more direct light, and use less power than any conventional lighting products on the market
  • LED also means no bulbs to change
  • Stella Lighting employs 5 and 10 step dimming and Tri-Spectrum Technology which allows you to customize the light to your needs
  • Stella Lighting customer service is provided by in house employees with intimate knowledge of the product and business and access to assistance from anyone in the company.
  • Stella Lighting stands behind all of its products with excellent technical support and a repair and replacement warranty that insures your investment in the product is guaranteed.

Color temperature selection, along with the dimming function is how your Stella product helps you customize your light to be perfect for you and how you use it. What settings are best for what applications varies from person to person. However, there are some common uses that we hear from many of our customers:

Warm White: This is the setting most used for comfort and ambiance. It more closely matches the traditional color temperature of incandescent bulbs so many people are more comfortable with it and have the other lights in their homes at that color temperature.

Natural White: This is the setting that most closely matches sunlight and is best for maximum visibility and detailed work. It is also the setting that best allows for seeing true colors and is useful when color matching or comparing are important for your project.

Cool white: This setting most closely matches moonlight. Many users find it easier on their eyes when working on their project later into the night.

Stella Products can be purchased directly from Stella Lighting on this web site or from numerous independent shops selling online and in brick and mortar stores all over the United States and limited locations in Europe.

They might. To check you can give us a call or check in direclty with your shop. If your favorite shop doesn’t already carry Stella products, let them know about your interest!

Stella products for resale can be purchased directly from Stella Lighting by calling toll free at 855-282-3222. We offer both wholesale and drop ship program for your convenience.

Call us toll free at 855-282-3222 Let us know where you purchase your product from and give us the contact information for your shop and we will add you to the list.

More questions? Find answers on our FAQs page.

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The world’s most loved personal lighting solution.

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