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At Stella Lighting, we understand the joy of sharing one’s passion for light with others. When giving an exquisite Stella lamp as a present or transporting precious possessions safely across an ocean or continent, proper packing procedures must safely ensure their intended destination arrival. But How to pack a Stella lamp? Here’s an in-depth guide for packing up and shipping a Stella lamp safely!

Gather the Essentials

To begin assembling, collect all necessary materials. 

Disassemble Your Lamp (if Applicable)

Although many Stella lamps, including our Stella Go series, are designed for portability without necessitating disassembly, others may include detachable parts that require disassembling before assembly can begin. Follow any disassembly instructions included with your user manual carefully for proper procedures;

Secure Pack the Components

Once disassembled (if applicable), pack all components according to these guidelines:

Final Thoughts

How to pack a Stella lamp? – For any inquiries on the disassembling or packing steps of the Stella lamp you own, refer to its user manual for specifics from Stella Lighting. Also, consider insuring valuable or fragile lamps during shipping for added peace of mind. For floor lamps, utilize a larger box or pad the base and pole with padding, to provide sufficient support within.

By following these easy steps, you can ensure your Stella lamp arrives at its destination in perfect condition – ready to illuminate its new home with its distinct brilliance!

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