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Which light is best for lamp?

Which light is best for lamp

At Stella Lighting, we understand a lamp’s role in creating the ideal ambiance in any space—with just the right bulb, you can instantly transform any area and set an atmosphere all your own! However, choosing one can often prove confusing: Which light is best for lamp? That’s why our lighting specialists are available to guide your search and assist in choosing an optimal bulb solution to match your lamp and lighting requirements.

LED Revolution: How LEDs Rise Above Competitors

  • Energy Efficiency: LED bulbs use way less electricity than traditional incandescent bulbs, yet they can still produce the same brightness. Hence, this will result in lower electric bills and decreased carbon footprint.
  • Dimmability: LED bulbs come equipped with dimmers that enable you to easily customize brightness according to your taste and create the ideal atmosphere for any special event or celebration.
  • LED’s Versatility in Color Temperatures: With their variety of color temperatures spanning warm white to cool daylight, LEDs make lighting customizable to any atmosphere. You can easily set the mood you need when choosing how you use your illumination!
  • Prolonged Lifespan: These last longer and save money and time by reducing the number of bulb changes needed.

Choose Your Ideal Light Source Based on Lumens and Temperature

How to Choose the Best Light Bulbs? Here are key points to keep in mind.

1. Lumens

Choose an appropriate lumen level for your lamp based on size and use—for instance, reading lamps may need around 800 lumens. Decorative hallway lamps could suffice with 400 lumens or lower lumen output (or vice versa).

2. Color Temperature

The color temperature of a bulb directly impacts its ambiance, with warmer white light (around 2700-3000 Kelvin) creating an inviting and intimate ambiance, perfect for living spaces and bedrooms, while cooler daylight (around 5000-6500 Kelvin) creates bright, stimulating illuminations, perfect for task-oriented areas like kitchens or workspaces.

Below is an outline of various color temperatures and their respective applications:

  • Warm White (2700K-3000K): It is very close to sunlight and creates a very intimate and cozy ambiance. Thus, it is the best choice for living rooms, bedrooms, and bedside lamps.
  • Soft White (3000K-4000K): Creating an ideal balance of ambient warmth and clarity, soft white light is well suited for kitchen, bathroom, and home office rooms where general lighting may not offer sufficient illumination for work.
  • Cool White (4000K-5000K): This brightness, in turn, stimulates and invigorates, especially when you want to concentrate on a particular task in a craft room or a workplace.
  • Daylight (5000K and above): This version of bright and clear lighting is designed to mimic natural daylight and provides maximum brightness for places like art studios, workshops, and garages where it is most needed.

Pro Tip: To achieve a balanced mix of the color temperature of the fixtures and with natural sunlight in the room, it is necessary to consider both the ambient light and the windows.

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Considerations Include Bulb Shape and Base Type

Here are a few points you should keep in mind:

  • Bulb Shape: Decide on a bulb shape that will complement your lamp design and make it look better aesthetically. 
  • Base Types: To ensure that your lamp’s bulb works correctly, ensure that the bulb base corresponds with the socket of the lamp.

Allow Stella Lighting To Illuminate Your Space

Stella Lighting has LED bulbs in stock to satisfy your lighting needs. Our store has experienced and helpful employees who will assist you in finding the perfect bulb to polish any shade to its full capacity—therefore, come to us today, and let’s illuminate your space together!

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